What are the best crypto and stock trading leagues for competitive traders?



Staking and swapping contests might not make you rich overnight, but they can surely improve your main income as well as providing you with incentives. You can use the incentives to try out any new exchanges you come across.

There are so many crypto and stock traders looking for an edge that will allow them to maximize their earnings instantly. One of the best ways to do this is to Competitive trading leagues, which will allow them to increase their crypto holdings.

They have to accumulate prizes by trading cryptocurrencies in the hope of making a profit. If you would like to know more about these competitions or commercial leagues, please check the information below.

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Best Stock and Crypto Trading Leagues for Traders

You will surely come across some of the best crypto and stock trading competitions available on the internet. But remember, not all business leagues are created equal. Some of them will offer small rewards, and others will want you to trade. Below are some of the best and most well-known trading leagues that you should try.

  • VIG.io – Fantastic stock games

VIG.io is one of the best places where you will find some of the best crypto and stock exchange competitions. The platform also has a reputation for being one of the best places to play Fantastic action gamesbecause it will allow you to receive a fixed amount of virtual money.

You can use this virtual money on a set amount of choice. The business competitions are quite interesting and engaging on this particular site for entertainment purposes only. To participate in the league, you can start by creating an account by providing information such as email id, name, etc.

  • Binance – EUR trading competition

Binance is a well-known crypto trading site that offers a prize pool of € 50,000, divided among the top 100 traders who participate in the EUR trading competition. If you want to qualify for this particular league, you must have a trading volume of € 500. Once you have the required trading volume, you will surely qualify for the price bracket offered by Binance.

  • Parbit – Global Trading Series

World Series of Trading or WSOT is the world’s most talked about and popular crypto and stocks competition. The league contains a pot of 200 BTC and a lot of money online. The league is all about skill-based, and if you’re good enough, you’ll surely have the opportunity to easily get a share of Bybit’s $ 2 million.

The event is open to all institutional and retail traders, and it also attracts many poker experts. Even though the league can be a bit tough, you are free to participate on a level playing field. The WSOT ranking criterion is based entirely on the percentage of profit versus loss of all traders. Try to register a lot more winning trades than losing trades.

This will allow you to achieve positive results through it. Even if you don’t emerge victorious, you will enjoy a 20% reduction in trading fees as consolation, which adds up to $ 9,400 in USBT rewards.

  • KuCoin – KardiaChain Quotation Contest

Registration tournaments are provided by the exchange platforms to generate cash for all new crypto assets. Existing token holders are encouraged to withdraw their profits and invest their funds. Although KardiaChain cannot compete with WSOT, it is open to all types of traders.

When you enter the SEO contest, you will receive a portion of the $ 20,000 bonus, which KuCoin itself has promised. But you have to meet certain conditions just before you can participate. Make sure you have a minimum net deposit of KAI 12,000.

This amount is worth $ 40 in KardiaChain assets. The first 30 accounts that contain the highest net KAI amount, calculated as total purchases minus withdrawals minus sales, will earn a share of the bonus. People who stand out as a top trader will earn 500 KAI and 1000 USDT.

  • eToro – Commercial challenge

eToro is a well-known and popular trading platform that allows all users to emulate the best traders. The platform is also popular for many hobby traders who want to improve their trading skills and reduce risk. The monthly trading challenge on eToro is open to all investors, including individuals who trade cryptocurrencies.

As a user, you will receive many platform tokens including Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and many more. You will also receive additional or additional funds and tokens to complete the correct transactions and make excellent choices.

  • Stormgain – Trading tournament

The Stormgain platform exchange tournament will allow all winners to receive a shared prize in the form of crypto. They can get this prize while aiming to earn a lot of profit in 3 weeks. The platform provides this particular competition both in demo and real accounts. Along with this, Stormgain also offers a demo tournament, ideal for all miners available on the platform. This proves that anyone in the cryptocurrency market can play and earn coins for free.

End thoughts

Even though there are many trading competitions available for all stock and crypto traders. But among all the others, the ones mentioned in this article are the best. They are fun, interesting, and playing wisely will earn you a huge reward. These competitions are ideal for all professional and amateur traders, and they will give the chance to increase their profits.



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