“We are building a trading platform with proven honesty”: Armen Azatyan from TDXP joins More Than Money


More Than Money seeks to look at the other side of digital currencies – trading and speculation, which is often overlooked in the BSV community. In his last episode, Armen Azatyan, one of the advocates of digital asset trading on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, explained why he thinks BSV is being blackballed by the trading cartel, how his belief in Dr. Craig Wright brought him to BSV, why he dislikes being associated with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and more.

Azatyan is the founder of TDXP, a derivatives exchange built on Bitcoin SV. Users can access the platform through their RelayX or Money Button wallets and one of its biggest innovations is that traders don’t have to deposit funds to start trading.

More critical still, TDXP is built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. One of the benefits is that traders have full access to their data and audit it at will. In the near future, the platform will start encrypting all user data, Azatyan said. And while Facebook can gain billions of users by exchanging social media data, TDXP users should also be able to make money by exchanging their financial data.

“Our goal is to go beyond BSV and attract people who don’t know what BSV is or people who don’t know what cryptocurrency is in general,” Azatyan said. to host Patrick Thompson. “TDXP is meant to bring traditional traders to the blockchain because they don’t even need to know the name BSV. As Dr Wright says so often, it’s plumbing and it’s basically the same idea here.

TDXP’s features have often called it a DeFi app, but Azatyan was quick to decouple the platform from the industry. He believes DeFi has gone the route of ICOs, where too many projects have qualified as ICOs, including crooks. This tarnished the initial good intention of the ICO issuers.

Likewise, DeFi is quickly losing its reputation in the face of scams and carpet draws, he pointed out.

As Azatyan builds a provable and verifiable trading experience for Bitcoin SV traders, he acknowledged the irony that BSV has been one of the most dismal digital currencies.

“Frankly, I don’t know of a worse price performance than BSV,” he observed. He attributes this, among other things, to a collective BSV blackball by the Exchange Cartel. Platforms like OKEx, Coinbase, and Bitfinex all work together, sharing cash and data. They have a big say in which digital currencies increase through their arbitrary listing and delisting processes.

As we saw last year, these exchanges are not big fans of BSV, with Kraken and Binance leading a delisting campaign that has seen millions of people denied access to digital currency. Jesse Powell and Changpeng Zhao, the founders of the two exchanges, were quick to reveal that their actions were motivated solely by their dislike of Dr. Craig Wright.

“They just don’t like Craig Wright because he’s telling the truth and there’s nothing we can do about it at this point,” Azatyan admitted.

However, he said the BSV community shouldn’t focus their energy on trying to change their minds.

“If we think too much about the price of BSV and getting into these liquidity groups, becoming friendly with them, then we’re just going to focus and shift our attention away from creating real value and real products,” he said. he declares.

One area where Azatyan believes BSV will have the greatest impact is in native online products such as iGaming, where BSV is already making significant strides. BSV’s startups must also focus on emerging markets, with Armen revealing that TDXP is targeting Indonesia and India with its products.

Prior to founding TDXP, Azatyan had a long career in investment banking and equity trading. He then started trading digital currencies and would later come to meet Dr Craig Wright, who he says is the reason he relies on Bitcoin SV. TDXP was initially on Ethereum, then migrated to Bitshares, then switched to EOS before landing on Bitcoin SV.

“That’s how I got involved with BSV, because Dr. Wright was actually the only person who made sense to me since 2016. He was so genuine, so real, so real that I followed him. since then and that’s how I ended up here [in BSV],” he said.

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