Unprecedented trading activity in early 2021, according to Wealthsimple


“It was all on deck, but it really united the whole team under this single focus of ensuring that we can provide a stable and consistent experience for our customers, whether that is to ensure that all orders can arrive on. the market or deliver on our operations as part of our agreements.

The sales team did this by creating a forecasting model that they updated several times a day to identify pressure points and how they would encounter them. The management team also met twice a day to assess where they needed to focus, so the business team didn’t have COVID downtown, but, she said , “Our customers were able to access markets throughout this real peak at the start of 2021.

“A big lesson we learned from the initial crash was to increase capacity,” Kennedy said. “We were already monitoring our systems and figuring out where we needed to grow, like more memory, storage and services, or make things more efficient. Then we really focused on adding redundancy. You can’t plan everything, but there will be times, even with our most reliable systems or processes, it will go down. We have therefore invested in safeguarding our critical data.

“What we’re really focused on is this growth and achieving our mission,” she summed up. “So we set it all up with this mindset: what if our trade grows ninefold again? How do we manage it? Do we have the right tools, oversight, and redundant capacity in place to do it? So, yeah, all of this growth has been very, very forward looking to make sure we can handle it if it happens again. “


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