TRADOCAPS, the World’s First DeFi Smart Trading and Investment Platform, Launches $ TADOC SEED SALE, Its Native Governance and Utility Token



Tradocaps will have a lot of passive income streams for TADOC holders. Some of them are mentioned below:

Thoughts: 1% of each transaction will be redistributed among all Tradocaps holders, which means you can earn money just by keeping the TADOC token in your wallet.

Profit Cap Airdrops: Tradocaps Holders will receive regular airdrops whenever each smart trader’s profit cap is reached and their profits are distributed.

Wagering rewards: Users can bet their Tradocaps tokens and earn 1% staking rewards each week with a total weekly reward capped at 100K Tradocaps.

It is not limited, the more Social Traders are embedded on the Platform, the faster the holders will obtain rewards..

TRADOCAPS Seed Sale Information and I do

The SEED SALE of TRADOCAPS tokens began on November 20 and will last one week before I DO starts in november 27e. The native token of the TRADOCAPS ecosystem, $ TADOC, provide liquidity and act as utility and governance token to Tradocaps Platform, with the TRADOCAPS ecosystem implementing an active user governance model in the form of a DAO.

The total supply of the SEED SALE is limited to 35 million T $ADOC, Where 7% of the total supply of 500 million T $ADOC. This SEED SALE also allows you to enter early and at low cost, with 1 TADOC token for 0.01 USDT. 70% TADOC tokens will be vested on list, so straight-line acquisition over 3 months for the remainder from the 2nd month after TGE.

TRADOCAPS is a promising project, as evidenced by the success of its Team behind.

The TRADOCAPS SEED SALE would take place on the TRADOCAPS SEED SALE & I DO Platform TRADOPAD ( give users insight into the innovation of the TRADOCAPS ecosystem and updates in real time. TRADOCAPS offers retail investors a chance to get in early.

For more information on this project, please visit or you can join the community by following their social networks:






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