The CryptoBiz trading platform launches its mobile application on Android & iOS



CryptoBiz, one of the leading crypto exchange platforms in India, has plans to launch its mobile app to transform traditional methods of trading from the inside out. By joining this online crypto trading platform, traders will have a key locker, secure login, wallet, and currency transfer to help them manage their own virtual assets. It gives you complete control over your trading operations, allowing you to see all of your information with just one click. This makes understanding a volatile market like cryptocurrency a lot less taxing for inexperienced investors.

Accessible from both desktop and smartphone, this new-age app that has been launched on iOS and Android will use the latest blockchain technology to provide it with a robust and trustworthy outlook. CryptoBiz’s blockchain-based app will not only allow them to trade in over 100 currencies, but will also offer various payment methods, making it a more convenient trading platform. Its blockchain technology provides it with the leverage of security it needs to protect crypto trading. With the credentials and passwords built into the app, traders will have full control over their account information and crypto trading data. The advanced authentication procedures make this application an initial platform for any type of crypto exchange.

The user-friendly interface with a clear dashboard will allow investors to keep an eye on their trading performance. The developers have given the app an easy to understand perspective in order to remove all ambiguities around the crypto exchange and streamline the entire investment process. Once the KYC / AML procedures are completed, anyone will be able to manage their virtual assets effortlessly. CryptoBiz has also decided to keep this unique app affordable so that Indian traders can get the best market rate for crypto exchange. Its advanced sync feature allows traders to access their accounts from multiple devices.

In fact, the app is specially designed for novice traders, who have just entered the crypto market, so that they are not overwhelmed with all the market data and exchange charts. Majority of Indian crypto investors are among the younger generation between the ages of 18-35 and most of them are novice investors. Naturally, they are looking for a secure and reliable crypto platform to intelligently manage their digital assets. CryptoBiz aims to make selling, buying or trading digital currencies smoother and easier than ever.

Discussing the market potential of cryptocurrencies, company founder Rahul Rathod remarks: “While other asset classes do not meet the expectations of smart investors, both new and experienced investors show a gradual evolution. to the crypto market. After the Supreme Court of India ruled to suspend the government-imposed ban on cryptocurrencies in May 2020, India saw a historic upsurge in cryptocurrency trading and investment. As a result, Indian investment in crypto reached nearly $ 6.6 billion in May 2021 from $ 923 million in April 2020, a growth of 400% in one year. So, we can easily deduce that soon crypto-currencies will gain the upper hand over all other asset classes, even gold. “

With the growing acceptance of digital currencies in India, cryptocurrencies have become a viable and lucrative business option for Indians. According to a survey, India is the second country in terms of cryptocurrency ownership only after Vietnam. 30% of Indians who took part in this survey agreed to own a cryptocurrency confirming its strong presence in the Indian market. According to market reports, India has nearly 10.07 crore of crypto owners, leaving Western countries far behind.

The increasing volume of crypto exchanges encourages the young Indian population of Tier II and III cities to take a look at the market. India ranks only after the United States when it comes to Internet crypto-related searches. Anticipating the potential of the market, CryptoBiz plans to create a thriving market with potential traders using their online trading platform. Their guarantee of a secure, hassle-free and profitable crypto trading experience seems to rekindle the crypto spark among young Indians.

The information provided above does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice or any other advice. Investing in crypto involves an element of uncertainty and is subject to market risks and future regulations. “



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